Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Review Time! ♡ : Sephora Exclusive Benefit Cosmetics 3 in 1 Pack "Gettin' Cheeky!"

Hey lovelies! So around a week ago, I received my package that I purchase from Sephora on the after Christmas sale. Pretty much everything on their sale tabs we're discounted at a fairly affordable price. Ladies, if you ever need to shop there and you have your credit card ready, sign up for their emails, be ready, and shop to your hearts content. I've decided that I wanted to buy something from Benefit Cosmetics, so I figured "why not!". Turns out that Benefit had just released a new cheek and lip tint from their cheek stain collection, which as it turns out it's on there top seller list.
And here it is! Lollitint. Apparently it's supposed to be this orchid purple stain, inspired by candy land that will give you a nice subtle, kind of a natural glow like no other. Definitely on my "must review!" list for you.
The promotion ad for "Gettin' Cheeky!".

Photo above taken from my Instagram page.

And here is the swatches of all the tints on my arm, on NC 15 skin. Left to right - Posietint, Sunbeam, ChaChatint. As you can see that Posietint is not that opaque, but nonetheless it's perfect for that subtle/natural look that you would want to go for during the day. Sunbeam is a soft, warm yellowish undertone bronzer and honestly, I think it'll be perfect for all skin tones! ChaChatint is VERY BRIGHT and completely reminds me of summer time, so I'll defiantly put that one aside and wear it out over that season. Perfect for anyone that wants to make that drawing center of attention, daring statement, with a pop of color on their cheeks.

Here above is a swatch of Posietint on the cheeks. It's very bright if you apply it after a couple times.

Above is a swatch of Sunbeam. Very subtle, but easily wearable.

And lastly, above is a swatch of ChaChatint on the cheeks. A little bright after just one application, but looks a little clownish if you apply it multiple times. Only one application is recommended.
So beware, because these stains literally STAIN. After I applied the tints on my face, I had to scrub whichever one that was on my face to put on another one, and it made my face turn tomato red. Makeup wipes are definitely a must to take this off. But if these stains are hard to get off, at least the product is doing what its supposed to! Money well spent on something that works! Yay!

Here above is my attempt (and proof) of scrubbing the stains once. That's right, you can read again, your not going crazy (haha) ONCE! So these stains are definitely stains. Which is why I love them!

I honestly can recommend these stains, because even though they don't come in that much of a variety (just yet!) their all completely AMAZING and they can pretty much suit any skin tone that's out there in the world. They do what their supposed to, which I pretty much think that almost all of us look for in a product if we're going to spend pretty much half our paycheck on a high end product, we definitely want the product to work. For $30.00 on a full size bottle, I know it seems pretty pricey especially since it's a stain, but it's totally worth it. It'll pretty much last you for about 1 year, maybe even 2 depending on how much you wear makeup, how much you'll use it, and how much you put on (which I mentioned earlier that you really only need one application to last you for the whole day. YAY!).

So in conclusion; I recommend these 3 cheek stains to each and every one of you to try out, because they are all AMAZING! Will review in the future the new tint Benefit Cosmetics recently released Lollitint, and their original tint that is their bestseller, Benetint. I promise!
Thank you so much for reading!
Love you, xx

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