Monday, January 20, 2014

Welcome! ♡

Hi there lovelies! Welcome to my beauty blog. Since this is my very first post, as I'm trying to write I'm thinking of more ways to make this post more welcoming, but I can't think of anything without sounding too "cliche" so I'll just explain myself.

My name is Shainnen, I'm an aspiring makeup artist and I'm currently studying in Orange County to major in fashion merchandising and design. I'm just an average girl, probably the first thing that comes to my head to eat for breakfast is pizza. I'm a little too obsessed with makeup and fashion and I want to share my passion with the world by guiding, recommending products, and helping you to look your best in your comfort zone.

This is currently what my desk looks like now. I have way more products than what you see here, just currently testing new things I recently bought and reviewing them. So don't be afraid to ask me questions about products. I will be reviewing TONS of makeup lines and products, ranging from high end to drug store, if you believe that makeup should never be bought more than what you would buy for a table dinner of two. Trust me, I still think like that to this day. I'm also a fashion junkie, so I will be reviewing what latest
is in trend since it's always my assignment to do so. Everyone is welcome :)

And remember, that it doesn't matter how much or how little makeup you wear, its about wearing as much as YOU want and as much as YOU are happy wearing. I hope I can help you find some new techniques and products to try!

Thank you so much for reading!
Love you, xx

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