Monday, February 24, 2014

Let's Talk About.. The Perfect Pinks

Hey lovelies! So I thought today that I would try something different and get personal with you today. Pushing all the reviews to the side and get one on one with all of you, on what I think can really hit the lottery when it comes to your makeup routine. There's tons of ways you all do your morning ritual when it comes to putting yourself together in the morning, but let's face it; NONE of us wants to put on a full face of makeup in the morning, taking our time to make sure that it's right, and then trying to keep it up by checking up on it all throughout the rest of the day. The ones that can end up doing ALL of what I just listed, I applaud you for having the wisest patience known to man, and I scream preach to you because it's no fun. We all have our ONE thing that we have to use every day, maybe it's blush because we're lacking that glow to the face, or maybe it's eyeliner on the water line or above the lash line because you want more of a pop on the eyes. But studying women's makeup, and horrendously making trips to the bathroom and always seeing women taking they're time to make sure they look good in a mirror (I think we've all done that), the one thing that always seems to look best is a good pop of pink on the lips. It's most natural because nearly all of us have the natural tone of pink to start with, it will never look so horrifying.

So today, I'm going to show you my top favorite pink lipsticks, ranging from all prices and definitely throw some drugstore ones for you ladies needing quick, cheap access to them :)

"Pink Punch" Baby Lips by Maybelline New York. Price Range; $2.99 at Drugstores

This lip color above is actually not a lipstick, but in fact a lip balm! This is one of Maybelline New York's original Baby Lips collection, which in fact is still in stores. This is in the color "Pink Punch" and this lip color is perfect for someone who really isn't really on board to the lipstick bandwagon, and just wants a little tint of color to their lips. This is the perfect light pink and is not harsh looking at all on the lips. And on the plus side, it also helps visibly restore the lips by up to 6/7 weeks, with constant use of the product. And it's super cheap too, with a lot of product inside the tube. Yay!

"Think Pink" / "901B" Mega Last Lip Color by Wet N Wild. Price Range; $1.99 at Drugstores

This lipstick up here is one of my long time favorites. I love this lip line so much by Wet N Wild, especially this one because it's so affordable and the lipsticks really PAY OFF. I've recommended this lip color to a lot of my friends, and they can even admit this this is one of their favorite natural pinks they constantly end up picking at the end of the day. This pink is not too pink, but it doesn't have too much of yellow undertones underneath. It has that perfect blend and happy medium, is very natural looking to the skin and this lip color can definitely suit all undertones, with pink, yellow or a mixture between the two.

"Great Pink Planet" Opaque Lipstick by Lime Crime. Price Range; $18.00 at

This lip color is quite interesting, because when I first glanced at it on Lime Crime's website, I thought to myself  "Ummm... Yeah that's so not going to look good on me". I don't know what it is, but I never thought I would look good in pastels. Probably because I have a mixture under toned skin color and pastels usually look best on people that have more of a softer under toned skin color. But this color definitely changed my mind. When having this on, it felt like I was building up confidence in such a way that how light the color looked, it didn't seem so harsh at all. This color totally screams Malibu Barbie, and recommended for anyone out there that wants to make a statement, but only want it to be on level 2 and not so harsh.

"Make Me Pink" Color Sensational Lipstick by Maybelline New York. Price Range; $5.99 at Drugstores

This color here above is another one of my long term favorite lip colors from my collection. I've had this color for around 3 years now and I can tell you that I absolutely love it, and I will forever purchase it until the day that I die. A pink lipstick with purple berry under tones, it's not too harsh and it's still noticeable that people know your wearing a pretty pink lipstick. You can apply with just one coat to keep it under minimal and natural, or you can put multiple coats on to make the purple undertones stand out more and it still won't look as harsh at all! Recommended for all skin tones with whatever kind of under tone you have in your skin!

"Dollhouse Pink" / "967" Mega Last Lip Color by Wet N Wild. Price Range; $1.99 at Drugstores

This pink is quite interesting, because it kinda of reminds me of the Lime Crime's lipstick "Great Pink Planet" from earlier in this post. A little related to that Malibu Barbie look, but this lip color has a little more of a brighter blue/purple under tone to it. This color is more suitable with anyone who has a cooler undertone to their skin, but people who still have a little bit more of a warmer tone, it can still work, just don't apply too many coats. I love this lip color because it completely reminds me of Candy Land and Spring time, and I think pastel pink lips will definitely fall back again as a huge trend for the upcoming Spring season!

"Stupid Love" Ultra-Matte Lipstick by Melt Cosmetics. Price Range; $19.00 at

This color above is one of my favorite lipsticks from Melt Cosmetics. There's something about this color that screams to me as a magenta pink lollipop that I just want to eat up and sprinkle sugar all over it. This pink will literally make you feel bold, and no one will say otherwise. This pink will suit all skin tones with all different undertones. The coverage is fantastic and just after one to two coats, this baby is already going to stay on your lips. Since this lipstick is matte, it will make your lips feel a little more dry, but honestly I'm in love with matte lipsticks because it look very clean, and it's in trend right now. A flattering pink and wonderful for all seasons!

"Spellbound" Lip Perfection Lipstick by CoverGirl. Price Range; $4.99 at Drugstores

A bright, warming fuchsia purple/pink, this lipstick is highly opaque and coverage with this is no problem at all! Perfect for that statement wear, and it wouldn't look so harsh. Wonderful for all skin tones and this lipstick line by CoverGirl actually has silk proteins and vitamins in these lip colors that will help restore the lips by up to 7 days with constant use of the product.

"Pink Velvet" Velvetine by Lime Crime. Price Range; $20.00 at

This lip color here above is one of my favorites in this entire collection I've picked for you. This pink is literally the perfect pink, with no other different colors of undertones in this. It will suit all skin tones and the best part about this, is that it's MATTE! Apply it like a gloss, with only one coat, watch it dry and you have your perfect matte lip stain! A few of my friends that have actually tried this product said that it feels like paint when putting on an application, and I will say that when using too much, it will feel like your painting your lips. Remember only one coat! I truly recommend the ENTIRE velvetine line by Lime Crime! Will review the other colors for you in the near future ;)

So I hope you all enjoyed this blog post! And let me know if any of you try on these lip colors I have recommended to you! Hope this blog post was helpful to you all. And remember to feel confident when wearing these pinks! :)

Love you, xx

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