Monday, March 24, 2014

TMI Tag! ♡

Hey lovelies! So I thought today I would try and branch out to you a little bit, so you all can get a feel and knowing of who I am and what I love, as also of getting to know me a little bit more personally.
A new tag is going around on You Tube right now, and I was actually tagged by my lovely friend Yana from "Yana's Avocations" on You Tube! If you haven't heard of her, you must check her out because she is amazing, funny and most importantly, helpful. Like my long lost best friend, if it wasn't for her and her kind words of motivation on me, I actually wouldn't even be here on the internet, sharing my passion with the world, so girl this one is for you! So go and check her out!

So without any further adieu, I will now answer questions from the TMI tag! Some questions I may leave out from the original list, only because I actually don't have a You Tube channel, and this tag was actually started from You Tube. So I'll work my way around, and maybe change up certain questions so it will actually be more relate able.

1.) What are you wearing?
Black leggings, black tank top, and a black cashmere sweater. Yes your probably thinking "Damn girl, that's a lot of black....."

2.) Have you ever been in love?
Yes I have before in the past, and yes I am currently now in the present ♡

3.) Have you ever had a terrible breakup?
Anyone that has ever had been in a relationship, and is no longer in one will probably know the feeling. Even if the breakup was mutual, splitting away from someone can really take a toll on you, because every situation will always make you grow and learn better to become a stronger person.

4.) How tall are you?
Actually just measured myself last week and I am now currently 5'8.

5.) How much do you weight?
126 pounds.

6.) Do you have any tattoos?

Yes. I have 2 and they are actually my own cats paw prints. I got them done around after my high school graduation. I had a childhood cat for over 18 years, and he actually past away a few days before my graduation ceremony, and it really took a toll on me. I was practically raised with this pet and was like a best friend to me in a way. So I got his paws imprinted with ink, waited until I was the age to get one, and my best friend and I were already planning to get something done with each other, and she was telling me to not chicken out on her at the last minute, so I wasn't scared to say the least. I will say though that it was NOTHING like I thought it was, and it was painful. Then I went back in around 3 months later to get my other side done. At the time before, I was always thinking of what my first tattoo was going to be, and then I thought of all these different ideas and placements of where I would put it, but you really change so many times because you know you want it to be perfect and special. I'm not thinking about getting more done though, only because of the pricing aspect of it.

7.) Do you have any piercings?
Yes. Ears and belly button.

8.) Favorite show?
Has to be Friends, hands down.

9.) How old are you?
20 years young currently, 21 later on this year.

10.) Zodiac sign?

11.) Quality in a partner?
Must have a sense of humor, I can't seem to have a relationship with not a day that passes by and we can't laugh just once in the day. Must know the respect I must need for honesty in the relationship. And must have good hygiene, I don't even want to go there when it comes to a man when he can't shower.. That is just utterly disgusting.

12.) Favorite quote?
"Find what you love and let it kill you." - Charles Bukowski

13.) How long does it take for you to shower?
At least 30 minutes minimum. I get so paranoid if I don't smell good and if my hair isn't washed all the way. Plus no one likes hairy legs.. Yeah I do stay in the shower for quite some time then.

14.) How long does it take for you to get ready?
It really depends, because my schedule is so different every day. If my day starts off extremely early, it might take me 20 minutes to get ready. And that's including hair and makeup. I can power through in the morning and do my makeup real quick, and hopefully still try and make it look halfway decent. If I have a day where it actually won't start until later in the afternoon, then I try and take my time picking out an outfit I like and then gradually work my way up to go onto hair and makeup.

15.) The reason why I joined blogger?
A lot of my personal friends will probably know this, but I love makeup. I really can't help it somehow, it's a crazy addiction of mine. I guess it all happened since high school when I actually bought makeup when I was around 13 years old and somehow my mom found out about it and took most of my products away from me (this one is for you mom haha). The more I grew older though, I was starting to see what actually looks good on most women and I wanted to try and incorporating those looks on myself. Unless you count walking into 1st period class with blue eye shadow not blended properly, the more I practiced I got better and I started to become more confident by putting together looks for my friends as well. That too also was something I enjoyed. I always wanted to make people feel best and confident in their own skin, and help them achieve that. That is the best thing I can take with this experience.

16.) Last time you cried?
I hope this technically counts but I couldn't get over the scene in Friends where Ross had bleached his teeth to impress a woman on a date. I was laughing and crying hysterically, because I know most men would go that far on trying to impress on that first date. Everything about that segment was priceless.

17.) Last time you said "I love you" to someone?
My grandmother actually. Were both spiritually connected to each other like no other grandmother/granddaughter relationship.

18.) Meaning behind my blog name?
When I was actually designing this blog, I really didn't know what my IP address was going to be. I was really thinking of using "Shainnen Somerville MUA" to make it more professional looking, and I was SO close to making that my actual name for this, but last minute I changed it to "A Blog About Beauty xo" because it was much more simplistic. I wanted to have it without the "xo" at the end of it, but somehow someone had already had that as their website, so I put the "xo" to add a little personal touch from me. Plus it's much more easier for people to look it up on a search engine.

19.) Favorite book trilogy?
I have been really obsessed with the whole collection series by Ellen Hopkins. Reading about drug addiction has always been interesting in some way. Plus a few of these books are actually based on a personal events with her, so I always like a story if it has a true meaning behind it.

20.) Why do I have a blog? / Why am I NOT on You Tube?

This question has been constantly asked lately and so I think that now will be the perfect time for me to explain. I think that both blogging and You Tube both have their pros and cons and a lot of people will always pick something they feel they are most in comfort with. I've been debating for a few years now on whether or not I should start a You Tube channel, and just recently I've experienced an eye opening situation that actually finalized with me that I WON'T be having a You Tube channel in the near future. Not to mention any names for privacy purposes, but just recently I was actually harassed and insulted by one of my favorite You Tube beauty gurus on Facebook. I was watching her for over 3 years and I absolutely loved her. So helpful, extremely kind, and most of all, she knew her brands. But she actually called me out in a comment, and was extremely rude to put me on the spot, without no intention of thinking that something like that would even happen. That really hurt my feelings, and since even before I've always had problems with me coming in front of the camera, actually talking to it would feel a little strange. I've never had the confidence to ever do something like that. So I thought that this would be the right thing to do, sharing my passion with the world on here, and most of all, wanting to help people feeling best and confident in their skin. So right now, this is perfect. And who knows, you never know what the future may hold lovelies? ;)

And there you have it! The TMI tag answered by yours truly, and I hope you enjoyed it! Will have another review coming up this week, and actually expecting a special package soon so I can review those babies for you too. I'll give you a hint: It's the new latest collection from Lime Crime! ;)

Love you, xx

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