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Review Time! ♡ : MAC Cosmetics Lorde Collection Lipstick in "Pure Heroine"

Hi lovelies! So around March of 2014, Lorde had announced in an interview that she was very super excited about the secret project she'd been working on with her favorite cosmetics company. She later said that she was teaming up with a collaboration with MAC Cosmetics, and that she was releasing one lipstick that was in relation to her individual dark, vampy style. The lipstick was named after her debut album "Pure Heroine", and she couldn't have been more pleased with the way this mini collection represented herself. MACxLorde released at www.maccosmetics.com on June 5th, 2014 just a little after 6:15 AM PST.

The collection has two pieces, "Pure Heroine" Lipstick with Amplified finish which is limited edition, and an updated "Rapidblack" Penultimate Eye Liner, which I believe is permanent from Mac Cosmetics. "Pure Heroine" retails at $16.00 USD and "Rapidblack" retails at $19.50 USD, and both items are retailed online only.

Photo above taken from my Instagram page.

When first looking at this lipstick, I can already tell that I was going to be super pleased and excited about it. On MAC Cosmetics website, descriptions say that Pure Heroine is simply put as a "Deep Plum", which I can definitely say it's what the descriptions words are. Pure Heroine for first impressions when looking at it is truly different, because Lorde herself is truly different, and I can tell it's what she wanted to set herself apart from any other collection MAC has released. And that brings points to my book, because I dig individuality. In my opinion, Pure Heroine is definitely something to have in your collection, because I have never seen a dark plum, purple/violet like this before.

Photo above swatch in natural sunlight on NC 15 skin.

Photo above swatch in indoor light on NC 15 skin.

Pure Heroine available for $16.00 USD at www.maccosmetics.com

I'm very pleased with the way the way how Pure Heroine comes off. The color itself is very sultry, and I never usually feel that way when I'm wearing plums. Pure Heroine is a very universal color, and will work very well with people who are pale and have light skin (like me) or even anyone with color. One problem I have with this though is the application. When putting on one coat, I have to feel in some way to add a second coat to it, and then needing to blend it out with a lip brush. But usually lipsticks that come off quite sheer first application also means that you can have the option by starting out having light coverage, then building up to heavier coverage depending on how comfortable you feel wearing it. This finish of this lipstick is Amplified, meaning that they have a soft and light creamy coverage, with a glossy finish and high pigmentation, but the lasting power tends to fade just a slight quicker than other average lipsticks. Lasting power is actually pretty normal, got around 4 1/2, almost 5 hours of wear before all of it completely faded off. And the stain it leaves off is a high pigmented pink rose color, and it's just gorgeous. If you have the patience on re-applying your lipstick, then Pure Heroine will actually leave you with no problem. But honestly, getting this color is worth more than any patience, because it's a beautiful color to die for.

Dupes: Okay, I've thought of some lipstick colors that MAC makes that seem quite similar but not the same. And if that's not quite as similar to Pure Heroine, here's a lip recipe you can make yourself. MAC's own Heroine is quite similar, but Heroine is way much more brighter with purple pigmentation and it's a matte finish. MAC's Rebel is similar too in the plum family, but Rebel has much more of a rose undertone with a satin finish. If you still want a close recommendation, just mixed MAC lipsticks Heroine and just a little bit of Cyber together, and voila! You get a close, almost the same shade as Pure Heroine.

Overall Rating: 4.8/5

Application: 3.8

Coverage: 4.8

Color Payoff: 4.8

Texture: 5

Wear Time: 4.5

Packaging: 5

Photo above is me wearing Pure Heroine in natural sunlight, with Ardell Natural lashes in #117.

Conclusion: I'm really praying and hoping that Pure Heroine ends up to be a permanent shade to the MAC lipstick family, because MAC really needs to step up their game with the plums and purples. This is one of the best plums I have ever seen in a long time, and I have to thank Lorde for her creativity in this collaboration, even though this was the only lipstick in the collection. But a little goes a long way in my book, and I am more than happy with my purchase of Pure Heroine. The shade is limited edition, and it's only sold on MAC's website, so I recommend you get this as soon as you can. My final thoughts are just go get Pure Heroine. You'll feel confident, sexy and it's worth indulging to definitely try. Make sure you have fun when your wearing this!

If you want to shop for the MACxLorde Collection on MAC's website, click here!
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