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Review Time! ♡ : Lime Crime's Velvetine in "Pink Velvet"

Hi lovelies! So around of Summer of 2013, Lime Crime had a tremendous take-off with the company of their two Velvetines in their collection, "Red Velvet" and "Suedeberry" and they decided to expand their collection with an additional shade. Subtle hints and gorgeous pictures were taken on their Instagram page, and finally on September 9th, 2013 Lime Crime announced that Pink Velvet was joining the family! A shade not only as gorgeous and vivid itself, but it's unique with it's color vibrancy. Pink Velvet was officially released at Lime Crime on Black Friday, November 29th, 2013 at 12:00 PM PST.

This shade is really quite beautiful. It's very bold, but still has that natural "every day" look you want in a pink lipstick. This is actually a liquid lipstick, once applied to the lips, it's supposed to set dry as a matte finish. I highly recommend this lip shade if your looking for something that's bold yet simple, dramatic yet effortless, but of all else: daring yet natural, as well also something to set and last you for most of the day without worrying about it.

Photo above taken from my Instagram page.

This color is just really gorgeous, both in it's packaging, and even opened while staring at it's lip applicator. Looking at it from outside the tube, it has this frosted glass dome surrounding with the lip product holding inside. The top of the of the tube has pink flowers surrounding all around the handle, with the logo of Lime Crime unicorns on the top. Opening the product, you can smell a nice sugar scent, but after a while you can tell it's more of an "artificial" sugar smell lingering to it. The packaging itself is very cute, girly, and exciting but while holding it, it feels very heavy and expensive, so you can tell that this was made to last.

Photo above swatch in natural sunlight on NC 15 skin. 

Photo above swatch in indoor light on NC 15 skin.

Pink Velvet available for $20.00 USD at

This is one of the most gorgeous, yet simple pinks I have ever found in my life. A little just goes a long way with this shade, and it just makes you feel feminine in a way. The shade when wearing it feels very girly and happy, but also very youthful and still has that classy edge to it. Lime Crime describes this on their website that it's "The Perfect Matte Pink" and I can definitely say that the description is point on. The undertone in it has more of a soft fuchsia, rather than most pink lipsticks you see on the market this day has more combined with their cool blue undertones. It's something that can definitely be entirely universal to anyone, and I do recommend this shade to anyone who's looking for a lip color that wants to look very natural, but still set that effect of looking different. This finish of this lipstick is matte, meaning it sets dry after application. I got around a good 7 1/2 - 8 hours of wear with this, and touch up's were very minimal. More than amazed with this wonderful lasting power, and that there's no option of putting on a lip liner before applying this. In the end, your good to go with this baby!

Dupes: I can't think of any off the top of my head that's even remotely related to Pink Velvet, just because it's color payoff is so vibrant, let alone it's amazing lasting power. If I think of any, I will definitely update and let you know.

Overall Rating: 5/5

Application: 5

Coverage: 5

Color Payoff: 5

Texture: 5

Wear Time: 5

Packaging: 5

Photo above is me wearing Pink Velvet in natural sunlight, with Ardell Natural Lashes in #117.

Conclusion: Pink Velvet is just truly a shade I adore, and I never usually have felt that way about pink lipsticks. It a type of color that is not too harsh but it's not too simple either, yet again it is a simple shade. It has that happy medium to it, and it will look so flattering on just about anyone. It's a wonderful piece to keep in your collection, because it's one of those colors that can be used for an everyday look. It's a color that will definitely not disappoint, and I highly recommend Pink Velvet to just about anyone. If you get Pink Velvet, make sure you have fun wearing it!

If you want to shop for Pink Velvet on Lime Crime's website, click here!

Thank you so much for reading!
Love you, xx

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