Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tutorial Time! ♡ : Summer Glamorous Gold Eyes Tutorial w/ Urban Decay Cosmetics Naked 2 Palette

Hi lovelies! So today I'm going to introduce to you my very first eye shadow tutorial, and I want it to be a very simple, yet easy and natural look that will be perfect for Summer time, whether it's going out for work in the day, you have a fun romantic date later on, or a night out with your girlfriends. This look is sultry and glamorous, and it's a very safe look if most of you aren't too familiar with makeup. It's also very build able, so if you wanted to intensify the look, you can control it by how more you apply the product. Without further adieu, let's get started!

To begin this look;
Take Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion in the shade "Original".
Apply just a tiny bit directly from the tube.
Then blend fully outwards on your finger all around the lid.

Dab just a little bit under the lash line.

Let it dry for about 60 seconds.
Take an E.L.F. Studio Small Angled Brush.
From the Naked 2 Palette, take the shades "Foxy" and "Bootycall"
And lightly dab back and forth between both shades and take it to the inner corner of the eyelid, and to the brow bone.

Take a Bare Minerals Tapered Shadow Brush.
Go over into the palette to the shade "Suspect".
Apply that shade to the inner half of the lid.

Take that same brush and go over to the shade "Pistol" in the palette.
Dab that onto the outer half of the lid.

Next, going over to layer the eye lid to warm it up, take the same brush over the shades "Half Baked" and "Chopper".
Lightly dab back and forth between both shades to get a mixture.
And just dab that directly onto the center of the eye lid to warm up the colors.

Take that same brush.
Take the shade "Busted".
And right on the tip end of the brush, apply it under the lower lash line half way with it.

Use that same brush, and go back over to the shade "Half Baked".
Apply that color to the starting corner of the lash line to lightly intensify the look and blend it in with the shade "Busted".

Take a Bare Minerals Crease Eye Shadow Brush.
Take the shade "Busted" again.
And stamp it in the crease first, then lightly blend back and forth.

Take both the shades "Blackout" and "Busted" from the palette, light dab between both colors back and forth.
Tap off the extra, then trace the outer port of the eyelid, more towards near the end of your lash line.
Take that same blending brush, and just lightly blend over all the colors to have the colors gradually blend with each other.
Take that same blending brush and go back over to that shade "Half Baked".
Tap it off as much as you can, and just lightly trace over the upper crease, just to soften the look with out it looking too blacked out or bruised. This is what gives the look it's sultry feel it was needing.

Take an E.L.F. Liquid Liner in the shade "Black".
And line your upper lash line, creating a short but soft wing.

Take your favorite mascara to complete this look, I'm using Bare Minerals Lash Domination Volumizing Mascara in the shade "Intense Black".

And if you want to add some more glamour to the look, you can definitely apply some natural looking false lashes. I'm using Ardell Natural Lashes in #117.

And we're finished!

So that guys is the finished look! I hope you all enjoyed it! Would you be trying this look for Summer? Let me know what you think of it!

Thank you so much for reading!

Love you, xx

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