Thursday, July 10, 2014

Update! ♡ : News & Exciting Announcements

Hi lovelies! So for the past 2 weeks, I've been working like crazy right and left, trying to get as many blog posts and reviews for you all. And then out of the blue, I checked my mail one day and something totally unsuspecting happened that completely changed everything: A blogger reached out to me and not long after that, exchanged a few emails and now I officially work for her on a fashion website on!

TNT Tauna is a fashion stylist and blogger that's based in the Orange County area, and she's been in the field quite a long time. I actually met Tauna through a couple of classes here in my college, and we've worked on a ton of projects together. Surprisingly, she was actually my inspiration to start my blog, and she couldn't have been more supportive on my decision. Words of wisdom were exchanged, and not long after that, the thoughts were in the air of actually signing me on to the team. As of now, she graduated with her certificate of Fashion Merchandising, and is continuously growing with a larger audience, and with a strong, dynamic and brilliant team of bloggers writing at Dynamite Editorials.

Dynamite Editorials is Tauna's very own production company that takes pride itself in exposing emerging talent. Dynamite Editorials is an educational production company specializing in editorial photography for portfolio use, promotion, and publication.  Artists are able to gain some real life experience working on a fashion production and an opportunity to network while learning from people who are already professionals in the fashion industry. As of now, I am officially working as a cosmetics blogger on Dynamite Editorials, and I couldn't be more happy, blessed, but of all else excited to even join a wonderful team of bloggers and us coming together to shine through on what amazing talents we hold and that what make each of us different.

So that now brings the question most of you have on your minds:
  • "So what will you be doing now?"
  • "Are you going to still be blogging here on "A Blog About Beauty xo?"
  • "Where will I be seeing you on this new website you'll be at?"

And to make all three questions combine and answered all at once, I will be blogging on BOTH websites! Both of these websites are my jobs, and I actually have even more exciting things to share at I will be doing MORE in depth product reviews, plus step-by-step makeup tutorials! I can't wait to see you all at my 2nd location, and I just want to say that I love you all so much for your support here on "A Blog About Beauty xo". This website is growing so much, and I can't be more shocked that this is happening. I would never think that I would be here, but without all of you, I wouldn't even be here in the first place. Thank you all so very much.

  • So check out my FIRST DEBUTED POST on!
  • As well also check out herself!
  • And, I actually created a Facebook page for "A Blog About Beauty xo"! All the latest updates for both blogs will be up on there! So go over and check it out! ♡ ♡ ♡

Thank you so much for reading!
Love you, xx

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