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Review Time! ♡ : Melt Cosmetics Lipstick in "Space Cake"

Hey lovelies! So today, I thought I'd go back in my collection and review another lip shade from Melt Cosmetics, since I've been highly requested to review more of their shades. Back in February of 2014, I reviewed Melt Cosmetics new release of lipsticks "Blow" and "Bane", and after that I instantly got obsessed with the rest of the shades they made. Space Cake is truly something different, and different meaning in a cool, interesting and edgy way. Melt Cosmetics is simultaneous growing, and they're truly a company who sets trends, and will be forever capturing people's hearts for their creativity. Space Cake was released on October 4th, 2013 at 12:00AM PST along with the shades "DGAF", "6six6", "Bang! Bang!", "Belladonna2", and "Shady Lady" on Melt Cosmetics website.

*NOTE* Photos above are not mine. All rights go to Danielle DeBruno (Photographer), Lora Arellano (Owner), and Dana Bomar (Owner)

Space Cake is a shade that's very unique to it's name, and it's a shade that's quite beautiful. It's very edgy, but still has that dark, enticing and sultry look to it. This is actually a matte lipstick, once applied to the lips, it's supposed to set as a dry finish. On Melt's website, their description for this shade is put; "1 cup of space dust. 2 alien eggs. 1 tablespoon of sugar. 1/2 cup of Dana. 1/2 cup of Lora. And a secret spice we would have to kill you if we told you. Mix all ingredients into a large bowl and get the best grey lip color in the universe".

Photo above taken from my Instagram page.

When first receiving this lipstick, your going to be suckered by the cute, sleek packaging it comes in. A smooth, round black bullet surface with their purple imprinted logo written in the middle of the tube. The box it comes with has pink lips melted along the side, no doubt it's referenced to Dana Bomar's lips (one of the bosses at Melt Cosmetics) and with black and gray horizontal lines running down all along the box, and their purple "Melt" logo printed on the left side on the top of the box.

Photo above swatch in natural sunlight on NC 15 skin.

Photo above swatch in indoor light on NC 15 skin.

Space Cake available for $19.00 USD at

This is one of the most coolest, yet beautiful shades I have ever owned. The shade when wearing feels very edgy, seducing, but also unique to set that trend effect of looking different. The description for this lip shade will be more of as a blue-teal under toned dark gray, with a lustrous white sheen sparkle finish over top. Blue based lipsticks looks just absolutely beautiful on everyone, and Melt is known for making all their lipsticks to be universal to each person. When applying it, it feels so smooth while gliding onto the lips, there's absolutely no hassle when sets off and finishes. The finish of this lipstick is matte, meaning it sets dry after application. I got around a good 7 1/2 - 8 hours of wear, and touch up's were very minimal, and no lip liner applied with it! Space Cake is definitely a cute shade to have in your collection, if your at that range for not wanting to go overboard by wearing a noticeable lip color, but you still want to set that edge by setting a statement.

Dupes: I can't think of any off the top of my head that's even remotely related to Space Cake, just because of it's lasting power, let alone it's unique color and it's vibrancy. If I think of any, I will definitely update and let you know.

Overall Rating: 5/5

Application: 5

Coverage: 5

Color Payoff: 5

Texture: 5

Wear Time: 5

Packaging: 5

Photo above is me wearing Space Cake in natural sunlight, with Ardell Natural Lashes in #117.

Conclusion: Space Cake is just truly a shade I adore, and it's a shade that is definitely different. It a type of color that is not too harsh but it's not too boring either, and it will look so flattering on just about anyone. It's a wonderful piece to keep in your collection, because it's one of those colors that can be something to pick up if you just want a different change of pace to your lip routine. It's a color that will definitely not disappoint, and I highly recommend Space Cake to just about anyone. If you get Space Cake, make sure you have fun wearing it!

If you want to shop for Space Cake on Melt Cosmetics website, click here!

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