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Review Time! ♡ : Pretty Zombie Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in "3 Witches"

Hi lovelies! So I decided to review a new company, just so I can introduce more products and get a different change of pace. I discovered this company not too long ago, and apparently this company sells a product that is supposed to be THE REAL equivalent to Lime Crime's Velvetines, but a more hydrating formula and cheaper alternative, with a better variety and more selections to choose from. This post today will not only cover one of the shades in the collection, but this will also be an introduction to Pretty Zombie Cosmetics. 3 Witches is an ultraviolet, dark purple shade and it's one of the most popular shades sold by Pretty Zombie Cosmetics. 3 Witches was premiered on Pretty Zombie Cosmetics in early January of 2014.

This lip color is liquid lipstick, once applied it's set to dry as a matte finish, and it's never supposed to smudge, nor budge on your lips. It's a beautiful shade, something you really never see in the makeup stores to this day. 3 Witches is definitely a shade that's always worn under a daring statement, and it's a wonderful piece to keep in your collection if you've been looking for a purple with a dark sheen glow to it, and still have that edgy but sensual look that you want.

This liquid lipstick is really individual, as of it's color alone and even the packaging itself. Looking at it from outside the tube, it has this large plastic dome surrounding outside with the lip product holding inside. The handle of the tube has the logo of Pretty Zombie Cosmetics (which was sketched by Kotsu-Direngrey Art) and circled around the logo is the shades name on the other side, with almost a blood dripping, Halloween wickedly cool printed font, with also a nice heavy feeling mirror looking handle peeking up at the top. Opening the product, there's not that much smell to it, and the packaging itself is very cute, and almost very durable, most likely perfect for traveling or sticking in your purse to catch up on extra touch up's throughout the day.

Photo above swatch in natural sunlight on NC 15 skin.

Photo above swatch in indoor light on NC 15 skin.

3 Witches available for $12.00 USD at

The thing that's quite lovely about Pretty Zombie Cosmetics is that their shades are extremely diverse and so much of a bigger selection to choose from. This is one of the most gorgeous light ultra-violet purples I have ever found in my life. The shade when wearing feels very wicked and sultry, but still youthful and has that edgy twist to it. Pretty Zombie Cosmetics describes this shade to be a "Deep Purple", which I can say that the description is correct on. The undertone in it has a solid mixture between pink in some areas, while fading off into a cool ocean blue. It's something that can be entirely universal to anyone, and I do recommend this shade if you want just a little bit more change of pace into your lipstick collection. The finish of this lipstick is matte, meaning it sets dry after it's first few uses of application. I got around 6 1/2 - 7 hours of wear with this and touch up's were very minimal. More than amazed with this lasting power, and the formula was quite hydrating too. No lip liner needed with this, but still recommended to watch how it's lasting on the lips, because a couple of touch up's are needed if going out for more than 5 hours with this lip shade.

Dupes: I can't think of any off the top of my head that's even remotely related to 3 Witches, just because of it's shade, let alone the wonderful lasting power. If I do think of any in the future, I will definitely updated the website and let you know.

Overall Rating: 5/5

Application: 5

Coverage: 5

Color Payoff: 5

Texture: 5

Wear Time: 5

Packaging: 5

Photo above is me wearing 3 Witches in natural sunlight, with Land of Lashes Eyelashes in Superior.

Conclusion: I absolutely adore 3 Witches. This has got to be one of my most reached for shades right now, while created some dark, and wicked makeup looks. It's a color that has a happy medium to it, and it's definitely a shade to try out if you want just a different pace to your lip collection, but still something that's not too crazy, but yet not so simple. It's a color that can be universal to anyone and Pretty Zombie Cosmetics is a company that I will look forward to reviewing more products from in the future, because it's truly one of my most favorite companies that offer affordable liquid lipsticks. If you get 3 Witches, make sure you have fun wearing it!

If you want to shop for 3 Witches on Pretty Zombie Cosmetics website, click here!

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